Your Choice - Purchase via Your Preferred Authorized Dental Dealer

Starting May 1st, dentists may choose how they would prefer to purchase GUIDOR products. Sunstar is expanding distribution of the GUIDOR products. They will now be available for purchase at the following authorized dealers:

AM-Touch Dental Supply
Arnold Dental Supply
Atlanta Dental
Benco Dental
Burkhart Dental Supply
Darby Dental Supply
DC Dental
Dental City
Dental Health Products Inc. (DHPI)
Goetze Dental
Henry Schein Dental
Johnson & Lund Co, Inc.
Midway Dental Supply
Midwest Dental
NDC, Inc.
Nashville Dental, Inc.
Newark Dental – Pemco
OC-1 Dental Supply
Parkway Dental Services 
Patterson Dental
Pearson Dental Supply Company
Popp Dental Supply, LLC
Practicon, Inc.
Safco Dental Supply Company
Scott’s Dental Supply
Tri-State Dental, Inc.
Ultimate Dental, a Division of Endoco, Inc.
Western Dental Specialties, dba WestDent